About That's Bold

We are a London-based video and photography content production agency and your go-to creative powerhouse. We take pride in our in-house capability to handle productions of all sizes, from lean and nimble teams to large crew shoots. Our comprehensive services cover everything from creative ideation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and location scouting to sourcing models, specialist crew hire, lighting, filming, photography, editing, colour grading, and even distribution and strategy. 

What sets us apart is our diverse roster of specialist creatives, ensuring that you always get the best fit for the job. We’re not just about capturing the moment; we’re dedicated to building a substantial library of high-quality visuals. This not only maximises the value of each production but also provides opportunities for repurposing assets down the line and keeping your social media feeds consistently fresh.

Whether it’s a creative endeavour, a marketing strategy, or a memorable visual experience, our team is ready to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Let’s create something BOLD.

Our mission statement

We are a content production agency specialising in goal-driven visual communication for businesses and brands. We help brands communicate with their audience visually. We help businesses solve challenges using purposeful visual communication.

Why Choose That's Bold?

Goal-driven | focussed on outcome

Transparent | process start to finish, no hidden costs

Agile | adaptive, fast-moving, solution-oriented

Expert | experience, equipment, network

Personable | friendly, positive, trustworthy


Communicate with your audience


Streamline your communication internally


Maximise value

Achieve your primary aims
Capture additional content
Repurpose content

How we work


Understand goals, challenges, ideal outcomes. Propose creative solutions to solve your challenges and help you thrive. Agree budget, deliverables, and timelines to ensure we both have a clear framework for the project.


Handle as much of the pre-production as required, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, scheduling, location sourcing, model casting, prop and costume sourcing, additional crew hire, specialist equipment hire, travel, accommodation, and catering.


Deliver a friendly, professional, efficient production, using in-house industry experts, top-quality cameras, drones, lighting, audio, and rigs. With an emphasis on a positive customer experience, ensuring that even the most camera-shy staff feel confident.


Provide a smooth and exciting post-production process, with an emphasis on efficiency and communication. We offer long-form and social-media-first, platform-optimised editing. Our process includes colour grading, motion graphics, animation, royalty-free music and SFX. We also offer 3D animation, which can take product videos especially to the next level!


Project review and off-boarding to check that you are delighted with your final assets and that you had an enjoyable and positive experience working with That’s Bold Content!

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